SPO1 Gregoria B Antonano

Published on
8 July 2016

“Tokhang” evaders busted; drug den jostled

Camp Francisco U. Sumagaysay, Sr., STA BARBARA, ILOILO, July 8 -- Ten drug pushers and users were arrested, including a drug den which IPPO cops jostled, in 5 separate buy-bust operations yesterday. 

In Estancia, 51-year old Diony Vega y Lauron, believed to be coddling drug users, was arrested by a police poseur buyer just outside his residence in Sitio Bukaw-Bukaw, Brgy. Pa-on in exchange of P200.00 worth of shabu around 12:30 in the morning.

Also arrested at Vega’s residence were Shiella Mae Bebit y Destrajo, 23, Alfie Labaroza y Vega, 22, Jerry Vega y Lauron, 34, and Almar Antone y Borres, 25, all of Brgy. Pa-on, believed to be in a pot session.

Police recovered 2 small and 1 big plastic sachets of suspected shabu, live ammos of .45 pistol, .38 revolver and .22 magnum and drug props from Vega, while a piece of live ammo of .22 magnum was recovered from Labaroza.

At 9 in the morning, Rey John Planilla y Pendon of Lopez Jaena St., Pototan was arrested in Brgy. Cabalabaguan, Mina when a police poseur buyer was able to buy from him P300.00 worth of shabu.

Cops were also able to confiscate from 21-year old Planilla another sachet of suspected shabu and other drug props.

Around 9:15 in the morning, Cesar Sayco y Barber, 37, of Poblacion SouthEast Zone, together with conspirator, Vic Alparo y Javier, 31, of Brgy. Imbraulan, all of Lemery, were busted by PAIDSOTF and Special Operating Unit-Charlie. Both were dealing from a police poseur buyer P500.00 worth of shabu.

Incidental to their arrest, Sayco has in his possession and control 6 sachets of suspected shabu and other drug paraphernalia, while in Alparo’s possession was 1 sachet of suspected shabu.

In Cabatuan, 2 cops, disguised as poseur buyers, were able to arrest 33-year old Harold Cerrada in exchange of P300 worth of shabu in Brgy. Salacay at about 9:30 in the morning. 

Aside from the buy-bust item and buy-bust money, cops were also able to recover 3 more sachets containing suspected shabu from Cerrada.

In San Enrique, cops arrested 43-year old Arnulfo Padilla y Delgado of Brgy. Poblacion Ilawod of the town in a buy-bust operation in exchange of  P300.00 worth of shabu last July 5.

Cops were able to seize 5 more sachets of suspected shabu from Padilla.

“These and more intensified operations are expected for those who did not submit to our ‘Tokhang” ultimatum. You either come forth and yield now, or face the consequences of your ill-doings,” warns Dir PSSupt Roderick Augustus Alba of IPPO.

Shabu recovered were submitted to PRO6 Crime Lab while arrested persons are detained, respectively.#