NUP Maria Christina I. Mayor

Published on
5 July 2018


Camp Francisco U. Sumagaysay, Sr., STA. BARBARA, ILOILO, July 5 - “Justice should not come with a price tag. Everybody deserves it and an unsolved crime is tantamount to denying justice and the fundamental right of an individual.”

These are strong words coming from the Provincial Director of Iloilo Police Provincial Office, POLICE SENIOR SUPERINTENDENT MARLON A TAYABA.  An accomplished investigator and one of the most successful anti-crime advocate of Western Visayas, he credits his triumphs to a passion inculcated early in his life.

Born and raised in San Carlos, Pangasinan, PSSUPT has public servants as parents. His mother is a school principal and his father is a PC-INP patrolman. This is the reason why he and his only brother knew early on that they want to follow the footsteps of their father. After finishing high school and completing 3 years of college, he entered the Philippine National Police Academy and became a member of Class 1993 “Tagapaglunsad”.

During his stint as the Provincial Director of IPPO he delivered significant accomplishments and supervised the strengthened campaign against crime particularly illegal drugs and wanted persons.  Prior to this, he served as the Battalion Commander of the Regional Public Safety Battalion of Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) where he made substantial contribution in the liberation of Marawi.  A seasoned investigator, he is also a multi-awarded officer during his long stint with the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group.

Prior to all of these, he completed three tours abroad as a UN Peacekeeper, and gained experience which taught him that despite our country’s present condition, the Philippines is still very lucky.

“Democracy-wise, maswerte pa rin tayo sa Pilipinas. We get to enjoy what people in other countries cannot,” Tayaba said of his experience. 

Trusting his intuition

In his long career as a police officer, PSSUPT TAYABA is well-known as an investigator, having made most of his breakthroughs and accomplishments with the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group.

He credits his ability as an investigator to his highly developed intuition and ability to perceive situations that he uses in solving crimes and sensing danger.

“I always have this ability to see the bigger picture and sense when something is not right and also, I have deep faith in God’s love, guidance and protection. Maybe that’s the reason why despite my several decades as a police officer, I have never been involved in any major accidents or incidents.  Malayo ako sa disgrasya,” Tayaba added.

These are the skills that have kept him away from danger during one of the most dangerous security campaigns in the history of the Philippines, the Marawi siege in 2017 which claimed the lives of hundreds of individuals and displaced thousands more.

During that time, PSSUPT TAYABA served as the Battalion Commander of the then Regional Public Safety Battalion of ARMM which was the first to respond to the attack of the Maute terrorists in Marawi City.  During this dark period in Mindanao history, PSSUPT TAYABA and his group made significant accomplishments by liberating Amai Pakpak Medical Center in May 24, 2017 and captured Ominta Romato Maute alias Farhana, mother of the Maute brothers on June 9, 2017.  During these operations, the group of PSSUPT TAYABA also recovered several high powered firearms and explosives. Before leaving Marami for the province of Iloilo, he also led clearing operations in Marawi which resulted to the recovery of several high powered firearms, explosives, and various ammunitions.

A legacy of accomplishments

After the attack of the members of New People’s Army (NPA) in Maasin, Iloilo on June 19, 2017, PSSUPT TAYABA was pulled out Marawi and was tasked to lead Iloilo PPO by no less than the CPNP, PDG Ronald Dela Rosa himself.

Not one to back out of any challenge, he continued his stellar performance and made significant accomplishments as the commander of IPPO.

In August 31, 2017 a little more than two months after assuming as OIC of IPPO, he led the neutralization of Region 6’ number 1 drug-lord, Richard “Buang” Prevendido together with his son at their hide-out in Brgy. Balabago, Jaro, Iloilo City. Apparently, no amount of “anting-anting” or talisman that Prevendido supposedly surrounds himself with, can match the tenacity of the Iloilo Provincial Drug Enforcement Unit in seeking him out. This victory against illegal drugs dealt a major blow to the illegal drug trade in Western Visayas and sent various drug dealers scampering to other parts of the country.

After another two months, in October 12 of the same year, he led the capture one of the remaining High Value Targets of the region, Arturo Balume Sr. alyas Master Pedik in Hinoban, Negros Occidental.  Balume is a known drug personality, leader of the notorious Balume crime gang operating in the 5th district of Iloilo and one of the main suspects in the murder of two people during last election period in Estancia, Iloilo.  Captured together with Balume is his son, Arturo Balume II. 

Not knowing when to rest, PSSUPT TAYABA personally traced and investigated the whereabouts of the region’s number one Most Wanted person Antonio “Boboy” Aquino.  On December 15, 2017, Aquino was finally arrested after several years in hinding in a mall in Marikina City and was subsequently brought back to Iloilo to answer for his crime of Murder.  

The man behind the tale

Accomplishments and breakthroughs follow him wherever he is assigned.   He is known as a disciplinarian and for always sticking to what is right.  What most don’t know however, is behind that strict façade is a man who has a soft and forgiving heart.  He considers this a liability sometimes, as his compassionate nature clouds his decisions but this same trait also helped him deliver more accomplishments.            

One might wonder, what drives a man to achieve so much in his career when there are others who only “go with the flow”? 

 “It is a personal dream to become a police officer.  I have my father to thank for nurturing this dream and I believe that in this job, there is no room for mediocrity.  Buhay ng tao ang nakasalalay, one wrong decision and hell can break loose.  You also have to have passion for what you are doing. It’s either you give your best or you don’t do it at all.  We owe the people our best effort”, Tayaba said. 

In fact, not even sickness can prevent PSSUPT TAYABA from doing his job as a police officer.  Early this year, he was diagnosed with a serious medical condition which required him to take a long rest period. Despite this, he continued performing his duties and responsibilities in ensuring the peace and order of the province.  

Looking forward to a fruitful future         

He does not want sickness to defeat him as he still sees himself serving in a different, higher level capacity five years from now.           

He is also looking forward to his retirement where he will finally enjoy the comfort of home and family. 

For the young, aspiring PNP officers, PSSUPT TAYABA has this to say: 

“Appreciate the common things around you and do not to liken you careers to hundred meter dash. Everything will just fall into place.  Life is very temporary, in one snap of a finger, everything changes. So enjoy every minute of it.”