NUP Maria Christina I. Mayor

Published on
28 June 2017

IPPO files cases against Maasin MPS NPA attackers

Camp Francisco U. Sumagaysay, Sr., STA. BARBARA, ILOILO, June 28 --- After a 10-day investigation on the atrocity committed by members of the New People’s Army on Maasin Municipal Police Station last June 18, 2017, Iloilo Police Provincial Office, under the direct supervision and guidance of Police Regional Office 6, filed several cases against the perpetrators. 

 Twenty identified persons and 40 John and Jane Does are now facing five(5) separate cases including: 

1.) ROBBERY IN BAND   for unlawfully taking, by means of violence, with intent to gain, for stealing government properties as per attached inventory of equipment and personal properties of police officers


2.) SERIOUS ILLEGAL DETENTION [Five (5) counts  for depriving the liberty of following PNP personnel of Maasin MPS by handcuffing them and locking up inside the detention cell the  five (5) victims:

a.   PO3 Cheryl C Saenz

b.   PO3 Antonio L Malones Jr

c.   PO2 Andrers S Perez

d.   PO2 Michael M Maquiling

e.   PO1 Nenette C Estampador

 3.) DIRECT ASSAULT  UPON AGENTS OF PERSONS IN AUTHORITY by attacking, employing force and  seriously intimidating, [Seven (7) counts) upon the following police officers:

a.   PO3 Cheryl C Saenz

b.   PO3 Antonio L Malones Jr

c.   PO2 Hernando T Aguilos Jr

d.   PO2 Michael M Maquiling

e.   PO2 Andres S Perez

f.    PO2 Jonathan R Jamelo

g.   PO1 Nenette C Estampador 

4.) TUMULTS AND OTHER DISTURBANCES OF PUBLIC ORDER by firing a gun and threatening upon the populace, causing serious disturbance in public place, panic and fear, and 

5.)  For VIOLATION OF RA 10883, (New Anti-Carnapping Act of the Philippines) who with intent to gain and at gun point said armed persons took away from PO2 Jonathan Jamelo the Toyota  Hilux Patrol Car key and forcibly took the said patrol car and used as their  getaway vehicle. 

The cases were filed with the Provincial Prosecutor’s office against the following persons: 

1. Joan Fajardo of Mina, Iloilo,

2. Chiva Diaz @ Jasmin/Karen of Lambunao, Iloilo 

3. Joven Ceralvo of  Igbaras, Iloilo,

4. Melvin Dayaday of  Dumarao, Capiz,

5. Mary Llyich Bocala @ ELPHS of Iloilo City,

6. Ronnie Canon @ RON of Tubungan, Iloilo,

7. Romeo Esmediana of Igbaras, Iloilo,

8. Joerey Cordero of  Alimodian, Iloilo,

9. John Rey Aguado of Alimodian, Iloilo,

10. @ Gamay, Montefrio of  Maasin, Iloilo,

11. Karma John Suarez @ DENNIS of Calinog, Iloilo,

12. Leizle Bandiola @ SEL of Tapaz, Capiz,

13. @ Ruby of Tapaz, Capiz,

14. @ Katkat of Tapaz, Capiz,

15. Lanie Gardose @ MIRA  of Tapaz, Capiz,

16. Christy Cabales @ Carla of Tapaz, Capiz,

17. @ Niel of Igbaras, Iloilo,

18. Randy Canoy Garnica of Tapaz, Capiz and

19. Erver Buencochillo of Igbaras, Iloilo,

20. Levy John Palencia of Dumarao, Capiz (Owner of Isuzu Elf Truck) and

21.  Forty (40) JOHN DOE’s. 

 Several of these have been identified as ranking officers of the Southern and Central Front including Erver Buencochillo, Cristy Cabales and Joven Ceralvo.  Ceralvo has also been identified as Alias Ka Julio Montana, the Spokesperson of the Coronacion Chiva Waling-waling Command, the Regional Command of the CPP/NPA/NDF.  

The filing of the cases stemmed from the attack on Maasin MPS on June 18, 2017 where the group of perpetrators, on-board an Izuzu elf truck, stormed Massin Police Station and with force and intimidation, took government-issued firearms and even the personal belongings of the on-duty PNP personnel.  They also detained, physically assaulted and locked the on-duty personnel inside the lock-up cell. Meanwhile, members of the group outside hung their flag and incited the public to rise in arms against the government.  Upon completing their tactical offensive, the group fired shots in the air causing disturbance to the public and they even took the patrol car of the station.  The filing of the cases are supported by eyewitness accounts, CTV footages, fingerprints and interview transcripts among others. 

 These acts are considered full of malice by this organization and a threat to the peace and order of the whole Region 6.  Rest assured that the Philippine National Police is doing everything within its power to bring the perpetrators to justice and recover the items that they took.  We owe it to the people of Western Visayas.     On this note, we would like to remind the public that keeping the streets safe and the community empowered is a shared responsibility.  All of us have a responsibility to report crimes and other suspicious activity near us.  That is why we are calling on the public to support the campaign of the PNP against criminal elements.  Help your local police. Let us all be vigilant.  Let us all be safe.